Do ‘negative ion’ products help people of all ages to regain and improve health? The answer is Yes!

But where do negative ions come from? Anions are in clean air or water air. Anions are clusters of negative ions, also known as ‘vitamins of the air’ can be inhaled through breathing. Have you ever wondered why you feel so good around water-falls, the beach or nature? Breakthrough technology has made it possible for negative ions to be produced and released into the bloodstream through skin contact.

Thanks to an innovative technology developed since 1957 of a fabric fiber that can produce negative ions. When the fabric and skin come into contact, 85% more negative ions are released into the bloodstream thereby benefiting the body. The skin is the largest breathing organism, and on contact with negative ion fabric fibers, the body can absorb through the skin, 85% more negative ions. This compared to 15% body absorption from breathing-in the negative ions released from negative ion generators/machines.

People worldwide are getting great results from wearing or sleeping with Nefful superior range of negative ion clothing for over 30 years. The benefits of negative ions have been researched by scientists and have shown to improve human health. Healthy babies and young children bodies are generating lots of negative ions which explains why their bodies are constantly healing and growing at a rapid rate. As the body gets older, the negative ion levels begin to deplete. So, it makes perfect sense to increase our body’s negative ion levels, to continue to regenerate for well-being.

Ion Clothing is an Australian Distributor of a superior range of super comfy, ‘negative ion’ health garments for work or casual wear, exercise wear, scarfes, sleek tights, undergarments, socks, gloves, beanies, bed sheets and blankets, and health supplements made from Japan. The technology of the fabric fiber has won 3 engineering awards.


The superior quality of the fabric, releases consistent negative ions through out the day as you wear these garments or sleep in mind. The health clothing and bedding reduce pain, calm your nerves, detoxify your body. It also reduces the body’s acidity to a more alkaline state.

Since 1957, this brand has won 3 major awards and received real testimonies from people worldwide who like myself initially, were given the products as gifts and really doubt its authenticity. Now, their health has greatly improved with better sleep, more energy, pain-free lives. The negative ion eye-mask is the most amazing product, which helps you to go into a deep sleep whilst rebuilding and calming your eye nerves. Both my husband and I were told by our Optometrist that he is amazed after 5 years, our eye sight results are as good as the previous 5 years.

Ion Clothing is proud to be an Australian Distributor since 2013 of the best brand of ‘negative ion’ casual wear, workwear, sleepwear, eye-masks and bedding merchandise that LOOK GREAT,  FEEL COMFORTABLE and ARE TOTALLY SAFE. These ion health products are VERY EFFECTIVE in reducing pain, detoxifying your body, improving blood circulation and releasing more energy and stamina.

Ion Clothing believes the best health garments and products should be:

  1. Technologically proven to improve your health and well-being
  2. Superior quality made products and totally comfortable
  3. Award-Winning Technology and products
  4. Safe for all ages including pregnant mums and restful infants

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See Nefful new range of styles and colours in smart workwear, casual wear, sleepwear, underwear, fashion accessories, light bedding including bed-sheets (usable as light blankets that will fit a King-size bed) and more condensed blankets. The Nefful range includes soaps, bio detergents and health supplements.

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