Does negative ion clothing really work to help people get healthy?

Better health doesn’t come by chance. People who are healthy and wish to stay healthy are deliberate in their health regime. Others may be in pain and suffering from various ailments and are searching for alternative ways of getting healthy and reducing pain!

Negative ion clothing with fabric fibres that produce negative ions when rubbed against the skin will release those needed negative ions directly into your body. Staying healthy couldn’t be easier by sleeping with special negative ion bed-sheet or blanket or wearing the negative ion clothes.

Anions known as ‘vitamins of the air’ are found naturally in clean air or places where there is plenty of water. We benefit from the anions by breathing them in and thanks to innovative technology, we now can wear health garments that will release the anions directly into our bodies through skin contact.

From Japan since 1957, the health garments were doing so well in their communities that they have won 3 major awards. Now the world can also enjoy these negative ion health benefits. It is suitable for the whole family, even your new born baby and your family pet.

Ion Clothing is proud to be a Distributor of the best range of negative ion clothing that LOOKS GREAT,  FEELS COMFORTABLE and IS TOTALLY SAFE. These ion clothing are also VERY EFFECTIVE to reduce pain, detoxify your body, improve blood circulation and release more energy and stamina. Ion Clothing believes the best health garments should be:

  1. Technologically proven to improve your health and well-being
  2. High quality and comfortable
  3. Recognised with Awards
  4. Safe for all ages including new infants or pregnant mums

The 2017 full range of negative ions bedding and health clothing are better than ever!

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