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Latest 2021 Nefful Australia Catalogue with superior quality ‘negative ion’ clothing to help build your body’s health and immunity. Area Manager/Distributor

This latest Catalogue with superior quality men, women and children’s health clothing, bed-sheets, blankets, scarves and accessories in trendy colours. There are also health soaps and health supplements for the body. All high-quality health garments and products are made from Japan.

Ion Clothing is Australia-based and so you can expect knowledgeable service about the products and how to get the best use and care of the products.

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Nefful Neoron negative ion blanket and bed-sheets are soft and very light to sleep with. Imagine living near a waterfall at all times and how good that feels. The level of anions in the air will make your body healthy. Well, by using the Neoron blanket, you are adding negative ions into your body every time, your body is in contact with the Nefful blankets or bed-sheets. The Nefful Bedding is no ordinary blankets or Bed-Sheets,  it’s the best health investment to regenerate your body with the highest level of negative ions.

Get the best night’s sleep with the Nefful negative ion blankets and bed sheets.  The fiber of the blanket gives your body the greatest intensity of negative ions to calm your nerves, regenerate and detoxify while resting or lounging.

The Nefful Blankest and Sheets have the greatest intensity of negative ions fibers. Nefful latest trendy colours look great in any bedroom. Each can be purchased individually or together. Check out the latest 2019 Nefful Product Price list and Catalogue.

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Be careful of cheaper quality priced negative ion products in the market place. You get what you pay for. Nefful products will last for many years.

Nefful 20 years of proven fabric fiber production means you can buy with confidence.

Each product comes in a convenient Zip Lock Packaging to best preserve and care for your negative ion clothes.

All Nefful Negative Ion products are made in Japan.

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