Negative Ion Testimonials

Nefful Negative Ions Testimonials

Australian Testimonials

We have testimonials from happy Nefful Australian customers.

Here is my testimony and I can also provide testimonies of different Australian customers.

In 2013, I travelled to Singapore and was given the full set of garments by my sister who was a Distributor for 4 years. To be honest, I really didn’t believe in it as I have been a working professional for many years and really didn’t trust in any alternative method of treatment. I have suffered from different ailments like fluid retention, lactose intolerance which is very painful, occasional asthma and low energy level. I wore the full set of garments but really didn’t place any hope for improvements but much to my surprise, I felt a huge positive difference in my body. The symptoms started disappearing and my body became well again. I started promoting these products because I know it will help you regain your freedom and live a pain-free life.

Some of my friends, work contacts and customers have seen tremendous results from using the Nefful health garments and blanket and bedsheets.

Different customers have shared with me their Nefful experiences after using the health garments, how their health has improved dramatically to regain a normal healthy lifestyle. These are the testimonials I love….. to see people regain their health in a safe way. All of these Nefful Australian customers would not record themselves on video but happy to share their testimonies.

If you are in a place where pain, frustrations and pressure to your family, we have been able to recommend these safe health garments to help your family regain health and well-being.

For a safe healthy solution to your specific health needs, our Consultant will be able to assist you.

As Nefful is a Direct Distributor, you can only order from a Distributor. We are based here in Australia. You can also become a Distributor and earn income, working from home.

A Nefful customer from a family in Perth, “My son has had an eye condition which has deteriorated his eyesight over the years and since we all started using the Nefful Eye-Masks, it helps us get a really good night’s sleep, waking up refreshed and rested. My son recently had his eyes tested again and the results that his eye-sight test results did improve significantly, when it was previously deteriorating over the years, were great news for our family. ”

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