Nefful Neoron

Nefful and Teiken combined their efforts to develop and research a fabric fibre that will generate ‘negative ions’ for your body when your skin is rubbed against the fabric fibre. The Neoron Fiber with all the safety test results, is researched and created, keeping in mind that our skin is the largest organ in our body and can absorb 85% more negative ions when in contact with negative ion fabric. The Neoron fabric is made from the Neoron fibre.

Teiken Ltd develops the Neoron products exclusively for Nefful International. Neoron is created for best material blends and superior health products. Impressive Awards were won for the Teviron fibre and now the Neoron health products are made mostly from the same materials as the Teviron and offering all its health features and benefits. Nefful’s Neoron fibre is made mostly of the Teviron fibre and washes and retains its shape well. Nefful is increasing its extensive line of ‘negative ion’ technology products for better health and well-being.

Nefful History

This fibre technology was researched and developed over the years since the Teviron fibre was founded by Mr. Hisami Kamijo in 1973. However, Nefful started its research well before from 1957 in Shizuoka, Japan. The Neoron/Teviron fiber is unique from other fabrics as it was developed for health and well-being.

Teiken Ltd. In 2014, exclusively launched the Neoron ‘negative ion’ products for Nefful International. The fibre is great for insulation, is resistant to moisture vapour diffusion, produces negative ions when rubbed against the skin and is excellent in flame retardancy. This innovative fabric fibre from Teviron to now Neoron are SUPERIOR in QUALITY, VERY COMFORTABLE to wear for inner and outer wear, FASHIONABLE and SAFE FOR ALL AGES, including babies.

In 1979, Nefful in Japan launched their Teviron Health Series products with a Philosophy of Healthy Living.

Nefful Teviron Achievements

Nefful researched and created superior, high quality and very comfortable inner and outer garments and in 1979, Nefful in Japan launched their Teviron Health Series products with a Philosophy of Healthy Living. Since its release, the Teviron fiber has been created in different health garments, clothing accessories and bedding accessories and is now a top brand of fabric amongst other fabrics used around the world.

Since then, Teiken Limited has introduced the NEORON Negative Ion Fabric in 2014, as the second generation fabric from its leading Teviron brand. Both Teviron and Neoron brands are Nefful’s range of Superior Negative Ion Health Products in inner and outer wear clothing, accessories and bedding sundries.

What is Nefful Neoron – Negative Ion Cloth Fiber?

NEORON – the NE stands for Nefful and the NEO means ‘new’ which Neoron is the latest negative ion fiber technology created for Nefful

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NEORON Fiber Has Met All Safety Requirements

The Nefful Neoron fiber has been tested by the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, an independent test and certification system for all types of material textiles for any harmful substances. The testing includes all raw materials and the intermediate stages of production to the finished product. After testing, the OEKO-TEX® 100 standard has attested that the Nefful Neoron has met the safety requirements and guarantees that the Nefful Neoron products are free of harmful substances and therefore safe for human health as well as the environment too.

‘Oeko-Tex® Standard 100’ labeled products:

  • Do not contain allergens or carcinogens
  • No pesticides and chlorinated organics
  • In the case of artificial perspiration, do not emit extractable heavy metals
  • Free of formaldehyde, or content far below the legal regulated substances
  • Moderate acidity, does not irritate the skin
  • Do not contain active biological products
  • Environmentally friendly production processes
  • Ensure responsibility for people and the environment
  • Zero discharge of hazardous chemicals

Japan’s Nefful Teviron/Neoron Negative Ion clothing, blankets and products are safe for the whole family. Negative Ion effect generated is good for the body.

Health Benefits of the Nefful Neoron Fiber

1. Superior Heat Insulation – the Neoron fabric is low heat conductivity which keeps the body at even body temperature for both summer and winter seasons. In winter, it retains your body heat, even in low temperatures.

2. Superior Moisture Permeability – the Nefful fabric allows your skin to breathe and the fabric is quite different, that if it is soaked with sweat, it will dry very quickly. This keeps your body cool and comfortable unlike normal fabric which takes longer to dry.

3. Amazing Negative Ion Technology Static Electricity – generates negative static electricity and negative ions through friction against the skin or against other fabric and you will get the health benefits of it.

4. Excellent Flame Retardancy – Neoron fiber is a retardant material and is able to stop the spread of fire flames. The Japan Disaster Prevent Association recognises the Neoron Blanket as a fire safety/fire retardant or preventative product. Teviron was awarded the Fire Resistance label.


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