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Latest Jan-June 2021 Nefful Product Catalogue

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Australia-based Distributor – Nefful Neoron (Teviron) superior negative ion clothing, bedding, sportswear and health supplements available to Australia, New Zealand and international customers with sales and support from Australia.

Health Clothing for Men, Women, Children and Babies
Negative ion clothes are safe for the whole family for men, women, children and new-born babies. Browse through our trendy and extremely comfortable, high-quality sleepwear, workwear, sportswear, ankle, knee and elbow supports, clothing accessories like scarves, beanies and socks.

Superior Quality Negative Ion Blankets and Bed-Sheets
The Nefful blankets and bed-sheets have the greatest intensity of negative ion-producing fibers. These are really comfortable and luxurious to sleep on and under and do come in new trendy colours and look great in any bedroom. The Double-Bed Sheet is large enough to use as a light blanket over a King-size bed. For perfect nights of deep and restful sleep, the price of the Nefful bed-sheets and blankets are worth every cent.

Australia-based Distributor – Knowledgeable, Caring Support
Ion Clothing is Australia-based. You can expect knowledgeable, prompt and support service on the Nefful products. Also, great advice on how to get the best use and care of the products for years of usage. Also as a customer, you can expect great advice on the best use and care of the Nefful health clothing for years of usage.

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Each product comes in a convenient Zip Lock Packaging to best preserve and care for your negative ion clothes. Shipping to international customers.

Beware of cheaper quality priced negative ion products in the market place. Nefful over 20 years of proven fabric fiber production means you can buy with confidence. All Superior Quality products are made from Japan


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Note: Nefful Products must be ordered through a Distributor

Contact Theresa – Australia-based Distributor

Ion Clothing Australia-based Distributor
Nefful Neoron (Teviron) Sales and Support
Call Theresa: 0413 609 102